Boma Restaurant

Our Boma Restaurant & Bar is open!

Our menu


English Breakfast   $    8
Bacon, Eggs, Baked Beans, Fried Tomato, Toast & Jam
Served with Coffee or Tea or Mozoe Orange
Maliko’s Fluffy Omlette  $    8
Bacon and cheese or cheese onion and tomato


Chicken Bruschetta  $  12
French baguette with chicken, bacon, mayonnaise and balsamic dressing
Pulled Pork Wraps  $  12
Smoked ham, lettuce, cucumber, pineapple and mayonnaise. Served with chips and a side salad
Beef Burger  $  12
150g beef patty, lettuce, cheddar cheese and tomato compote. Served with chips and a side salad
Chicken Burger  $  12
150g chicken patty, lettuce, mozzarella cheese and tomato compote. Served with chips and a side salad
Chicken Salad  $  12
Chicken breast cuts served on a dressed bed of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, parmesan cheese and sprinkled with bacon
Pork Belly  $  15
Slow roasted pork belly served with roasted apples on a bed of thai noodles with a side salad
Beef Steak  $  15
BBQ prime steak served with mozzarella cheese on a bed of Mediterranean vegetables


Mixed garden salad  $    4
Side of chips  $    3
Portion of chips  $    5

Kid’s Menu

Egg & Toast  $    5
Scrambled or boiled eggs and toast
Burger Sliders  $    8
Beef patty, cheddar cheese, chips and tomato wedges


Brownies  $    6
Chocolate brownie served with ice cream
Fruit Tart  $    6
Served with ice cream

If you have any special meal requests or dietary requirements, please let us know in advance by contacting the Booking Office. Tel: +263 77 305 0670 Email:

Meals may be ordered on arrival, although to assist our chef, it is helpful if you order your meals at the time of booking your accommodation.

Boma RestaurantBoma Restaurant

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